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The cloud promises scalable services, flexibility and more room for innovation. However, integration, security and cost control are real concerns. In addition, the cloud requires strategic vision. Our IT companies support the move to the cloud and ensure that the investment pays off.

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Security risks, cloud migrations and integrations with other organizations or services regularly cause headaches. Our IT companies develop software from start to finish, keep a close eye on technological developments, realize functionalities based on a solid architecture and demonstrate these through automated testing. That way, software works for you and not the other way around.

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Our IT companies are turning data into added value. With predictive models, data platforms and data applications, they transform raw data into valuable information for organizations. For example, we can predict demand, required maintenance or even train congestion.

Our network

The Conflux network is formed by our nine IT companies. With them we provide direct access to high-quality expertise and experience in relevant niches. We create, build and develop products and services with impact. Together we lead Top-100 companies and larger SMEs in the Netherlands to a bright digital future.

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Logo JDriven

Expert software consultancy with a focus on the Java Ecosystem.

Icon Senior & Lead (Java) Developers Senior & Lead (Java) Developers

Logo JCore

Consultants with a focus on high-quality software and a professional development process on and around the JVM.

Icon (Java) Developers (Java) Developers

Logo Cohesion

DevOps specialists with knowledge of e.g. Cloud, Linux and Security where agile working is second nature.

Icon DevOps, Cloud & Infra Specialisten DevOps, Cloud & Infra Specialisten

Logo Enqore

Test consultancy with a focus on test automation.

Icon Test Automation Engineers Test Automation Engineers

Logo BigData Republic

Expert data consultancy with a focus on Big Data, AI & Machine Learning.

Icon Senior Data Engineers, Scientists & MLOps Engineers Senior Data Engineers, Scientists & MLOps Engineers

Logo Divotion

Software consultancy with a focus on Serious Frontend Development.

Icon Serious Frontend Developers Serious Frontend Developers

Logo Infuze

Expert software consultancy with a focus on Digital Transformation, Architecture and IT Delivery.

Icon Software & Solution Architects Software & Solution Architects

Logo Scyon

Cyber-security consultancy firm with a focus on Secure Coding & Shifting Left Cyber Security.

Icon Secure Software Engineers Secure Software Engineers


Our Impact

Icon  Supply chain-optimisation

Supply chain-optimisation

Logistic chains are of vital importance for a well-performing business. Seemingly minor incidents have consequences all over the world, as the stranded Ever Given in the Suez Canal proved.

Icon Energy transition

Energy transition

Climate change affects us all and IT plays a major role in the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy. This raises major challenges.

Icon Digital Enablement

Digital Enablement

Power to the people! Nowadays people are more and more used to taking matters into their own hands. Opening a bank account, getting insurance and ordering a taxi are all done in no time via an app or portal.

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