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Our colleagues share a passion for their craft and have in-depth knowledge that makes them true experts. Passionate discussions, critical questions and substantive knowledge sessions are part of the routine. This is how we find the answers to our customers' questions and how our solutions comply with the highest standards.

Icon People first

People first

Our network consists of small IT companies with a maximum of 35 colleagues per organisation. This allows us to keep an eye on each other's well-being. Personal development is anchored in our business operations, enabling our colleagues to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. In addition, short lines of communication ensure pleasant cooperation among ourselves and with our customers.

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Connecting with each other and with our customers is of vital importance to us. That's why we regularly organise events, both internally and externally, such as brown bag lunch sessions, webinars, dinners, summits and meetups. Sharing knowledge is a top priority. 


The network's added value

Does our customer have a question that falls just outside the expertise of our colleagues? Then there is always someone within our network who has an answer. Each company focuses on its own domain, which creates in-depth knowledge. These domains connect well with each other, so that we are at the same time at the forefront of all these domains.

Behind the scenes

Together with our colleagues we are building the Conflux network. We support the development our companies in relevant niches in IT.

Based on a substantive background in IT and over 15 years of combined experience in developing IT companies, we support our colleagues in setting up and developing small-scale IT companies, each with its own niche. In doing so, we always put our colleagues first.

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Foto Bas Knopper

Bas Knopper - CEO

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Rob Brinkman - CTO