Energy transition

Climate change affects us all and IT plays a major role in the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy. This raises major challenges. How do we use the power grid optimally? Where do we store energy and how do we connect networks? The companies within the Conflux network contribute to a better climate with ingenious solutions. Our consultants do this at Alliander, Windnet and Eneco, among others.


Supply chain-optimisation

Logistic chains are of vital importance for a well functioning business. Small improvements can have a major positive impact on an entire supply chain. More ships in a port, more efficiently filled trucks or optimised routes for delivery vans result in less emission, more volume and lower costs. Our IT companies address these challenges for customers such as Port of Rotterdam, ProRail and KLM.

Digital Enablement

These days, we are more and more used to taking matters into our own hands, for example opening a bank account or obtaining an insurance via an app or portal. Consumers expect more and more from software, including a good customer experience. Data analysis, software development and thorough testing make this possible. The companies within the Conflux network have extensive experience in this field. We are, for example, innovating the payment sector at Yolt, working on better online shopping experiences at Intergamma and, and contributing to smooth reservations at Translated with (free version)