JDriven realises innovative Java and open source solutions. JDriven’s professionals are passionate about sharing their skills and passions. They advise, lead and provide training based on knowledge of Java, surrounding technologies, architecture, agile and DevOps.

According to JDriven, growth is only possible through sharing knowledge. JDriven means having access to a network of knowledge and experiences, allowing customers and colleagues to continue to learn and grow.

Rollen Senior & Lead (Java) Developers

JCore contributes to innovative solutions within the JVM domain with an eye for code quality, testability and professional tooling and practices.

JCore professionals develop themselves at a high pace with the JCore Fast Track that is provided by JDriven’s experts. JCore professionals are happy to incorporate this knowledge in their assignments at our customers.

Rollen (Java) Developers

The consultants of Cohesion build end-to-end solutions.

The engineers, developers and consultants belong to the absolute top of their profession. They specialise in Linux engineering, cloud, DevOps, CI/CD and full-stack software development to name a few.

In short, back-end infra is Cohesion’s playing field and building, learning and sharing is their DNA.

Rollen DevOps, Cloud & Infra Specialisten

Infuze helps organizations accelerate with services in the areas of digital transformation, architecture and IT delivery.

Infuze knows the solution to your digital challenge.

The approach is not only what distinguishes Infuze, but also what makes the company successful. Infuze helps organizations shape and realize visions of IT, facilitate change and optimize performance.

Rollen Software & Solution Architects

Scyon stands for software craftsmanship with a passion for cyber security.

This company employs professionals with communicative skills who constantly keep up with the latest cyber-security developments and derive satisfaction from sharing this knowledge.

In this way, Sycon creates impact for customers and itself.

Rollen Secure Software Engineers

BigData Republic is a data consultancy company specialising in machine learning and (big) data technology.

Bigdata’s data scientists develop advanced predictive models that deliver business value. The data engineers and cloud specialists design and build platforms and applications that put these models into production. The lead consultants help with the strategic and organisational challenges involved.

Rollen Senior Data Engineers, Scientists & MLOps Engineers

At Vantage AI you will find the most talented people in the machine learning market.

The company combines a powerful development track with challenging assignments at the best companies in the Netherlands.

Vantage AI also makes clever use of the expertise at sister company BigData Republic. Combined teams not only work to Vantage AI’s advantage, but above all to the customers.

Rollen Data Scientists & Engineers en ML Engineers

For the developers at Divotion, front-end has little secrets. Divotion assists customers to reach the next level of serious front-end development.

Divotion creates value for customers by bringing broad knowledge and experience to the realisation of web applications. The experts at Divotion help the top 100 Dutch companies, ranging from UI and UX design, architecture and tooling to integration with back-end systems. In doing so, commitment to clients and projects makes all the difference.

Rollen Serious Frontend Developers

Being able to rely on IT without a second thought. That is the objective of Enqore. The company helps organisations to be agile, to respond to new challenges and to be prepared for the unknown. With technical software testing in an Agile environment, this business ensures that every delivery to production proceeds without a hitch.

Enqore does this at various levels: within teams that develop software in an Agile manner, with teams responsible for the CI/CD pipeline and at the level where the testing strategy is determined.

Rollen Test Automation Engineers